What is a Tranquilista?

image courtesy of Tranquility Tour


Kimberly Wilson is one of my great sources of inspiration. I first found her podcast 5 years ago, when I was in dermatology residency after Hurricane Katrina, driving daily from my temporary residence in Baton Rouge to the devastated New Orleans, where hospitals and workplaces were just beginning to reassemble. I and, oh, 100,000 other people (That's not an exaggeration.) were making the trek on Louisiana's sadly outdated two-lane freeways. The round trip took me 4-5 hours every day. I sat in my little Honda Civic, stiff and bored and alternately frustrated with the traffic and weepy for all that had been lost. As a means of distraction I discovered podcasts, and as Kimberly's was #1 in some lifestyle category in iTunes, I downloaded it. Yoga seemed like a great theoretical idea at the time--I didn't expect to be able to work it into my drive-work-drive-sleep daily routine, but I somehow thought just listening to someone talk about yoga might make me feel better. Yoga by osmosis. Um, yeah.

But you know, it worked. I learned about yoga. I learned about green smoothies. I learned about a ridiculously large but extremely effective paper organizer (that I still use to this day despite any snickers issuing from people who somehow manage to keep all their bits and pieces together electronically). And I learned about having compassion for myself, not just my patients. I bought a yoga mat. I followed Kimberly's podcasts and lurked silently on her blog and Facebook page for a few years. Then I was lucky enough to attend a fall weekend retreat with her in 2010, which led to an art journaling and yoga retreat in France in 2012, where I experienced the amazing light + warmth + peace that is Provence in June and where many of my best ideas for my dermatology practice were born.

I take the liberty of repeating Kimberly's Tranquilista Manifesto below:

I promise to

  • connect to my spiritual core daily.
  • assess my aspirations seasonally and create aligned action steps.
  • be an activist for causes close to my heart and do good every day.
  • express my creativity daily and replenish my creative spark weekly.
  • exude my signature style in a way that helps my inner spirit shine.
  • start something that aligns with my values, intentions, and passions.
  • build a brand with authenticity and focus on community.
  • expand organically, strategically, and compassionately.
And now, I'm profoundly happy to announce that I will be hosting a workshop by Kimberly this fall. You can learn more about The Tranquility Tour and register here.