Skin Care Gift Baskets for Educators: Second Quarter Winner Announcement!

We at Gilchrist Dermatology strive to be not only health care professionals but also to be educators of our patients and our community. Deborah, Elizabeth, Kim, and I believe that our former and present teachers are the foundation of the professional care we are able to provide daily. We believe we are all each other's teachers and students.

In honor of this, Gilchrist Aesthetic and Medical Dermatology donates a gift basket of skin care products quarterly to an educator in our community. You can visit here to nominate your favorite teacher or principal. All schools are welcome!

Congratulations to Kris Hare of Park Dale Lane Elementary School! Kris is the winner of our basket for the second quarter of 2013. "Mrs. Hare is the Reading Specialist at Park Dale Lane. She works tirelessly to help those students who struggle with reading. She is patient, affectionate, nurturing, and loving. She could use a little love directed back her way."

Congratulations to you Kris and we hope you enjoy your box of skin care products and other goodies!

Kudos also to our other amazing nominee:

Joyce Christiansen of Oak Crest Middle School: "Joyce is truly an exceptional teacher, dedicating her talent to helping special needs middle school children."