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  • Shabby Chic Bunting

    My beloved little sister is getting married in September and having a shabby chic beach wedding. In the quest for “nice” burlap (meaning that all the fibers are smooth and straightly and evenly woven so that it is rustic but not *too* rustic—oh, the nuances of planning an event), she discovered dstevens. While she happily found 14 rolls of perfect burlap, I had a side impulse buy of this bunting.

    It alternates burlap and lace flags with ones made of striped ticking and rustic linen printed with words in French script. Perfect for the open house yesterday and for decorating for the Tranquility Pop Up workshop.


  • New Brochure Racks

    I do love getting crafty. I think that creativity is one of the most important ways in which we can rejuvenate ourselves. So many people say, "I'm not creative," when what they really mean is, "I'm afraid that what I create might not be very attractive to others...." But we are all creative by nature, and if we can let go of our expectations of what a creative project should look like, there is wondrous good in a few hours spent cutting and sewing.

    Case in point:

    I've been looking for some brochure racks for the office for a while now. Our beautiful, reclaimed-wood table in the waiting room that holds the magazines is starting to look a little cluttered, and I wanted to get some of that information displayed on the walls instead, but the clear, plastic, straight-edged options for brochure holders at Office Depot did *not* appeal. Then Deborah found these nifty iron racks at a bargain store. We're not sure what they were supposed to hold (spices?), but we decided they were just the ticket to hold brochures and other patient information. But what to put in the bottom to keep the papers from sliding through? Stained wood stuck on with Gorilla glue? Not very classy. Solder in some metal? Um, that was a bit more of a project than I wanted. Then based on another idea for my sister's upcoming wedding, inspiration struck.

    Burlap bottoms it was, whipped in with embroidery floss.

    And, you know, it was such a simple project, but it had such a calming effect on me. Just sitting still, cutting and sewing. People ask me how I can be a doctor and have time to do this sort of thing. And the answer (I know you've already guessed, you wise women.) is that I don't have time *not* to do this sort of thing. Creative time keeps me sane and able to focus on the important things when it's time. And the result of this project?


    Well, I was happy with it.

    So, what works for you? Do you sew? Break out the paintbrushes? Dabble in mixed media or make jewelry or knit?

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