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More Tips for Glowing Skin


Last month we talked about alkaline versus acidic diets and their effect on the skin. Here are a few more tips, to achieve your best skin:

1. Drink a glass of fresh water with lemon, every morning when you wake up. This promotes both alkalinity and hydration.

2. Take 1-2 tablespoons of cold-pressed flax seed oil every morning, when absorption is optimal. (I mix mine into my smoothie.) The alpha-linolenic acid is anti-inflammatory.

3. Obtain probiotics mainly from food (sauerkraut, kimchi, kombucha, unsweetened fermented dairy such as yogurt or kefir), but take supplemental capsules if you must. A proper balance of bacteria in your intestines promotes a well-regulated immune system that is less likely to cause random inflammation, such as acne.

4. Keep your natural moisture barrier intact. Don't strip your skin with harsh chemicals. A gentle cleanser containing glycolic acid is best.

5. Aim for adequate sleep, 8 hours a night. This is your skin's chance to repair itself!

6. Manage stress as well as you can. The stress hormone cortisol causes inflammation, higher blood sugar levels, and skin aging.

7. Avoid sugar as much as you can. Sugar causes glycation in the skin, which leads to a dull and waxy appearance.

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