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Juicing Versus Smoothies

These are two wonderful ways to incorporate more fresh vegetables and fruit into your diet. You can find a great debate online about whether you should juice your produce or blend it whole. The juice people take the stand that juice is more easily digestible, that the nutrients are more easily absorbed, and that juice gives you lots of energy. The smoothie people argue that blending whole foods incorporates all the fiber into your drink and slows down the absorption of the natural sugars.

I've always been a smoothie kind of girl myself, making liberal use of my beloved VitaMix blender. Partly because owning just once piece of very expensive kitchen equipment already seemed luxurious, partly because I always felt guilty throwing out all that organic fruit and vegetable pulp, and partly because real estate on my kitchen counter is, well, limited. I love juices, but I've long regarded them as a treat, a $6 splurge the way a person might get Starbucks or ice cream, with the resultant hit of simple carbohydrates giving me a gentler boost in energy than either of those other two options might.

But recently a friend of mine admitted to a Super Angel 5500 in storage that wasn't being used (?!) and I "borrowed" it. (Disclaimer: Did you know that squatters in Costa Rica acquire rights to property if the owner doesn't repossess it within one year. I'm just sayin'....)

So I've been making liberal use of those stainless steel gears, and I have to say that they've been a great addition to my life. Here's how I do it: I still have my green smoothie every morning, but then I make a juice at night, usually in addition to my healthy dinner, although on some nights I get home late (nights which would have been dubbed Grits Night in my childhood), and I've been known to have just juice before toppling into sweet dreams.

Waldorf Salad Juice (courtesy of Jay Kordich, the original Juice Man in the 1990s infomercials)

2 celery stalks, leaves and all

1 crisp apple

It's that simple!

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