January thoughts

Following the example of this inspiring woman and this one, for the last several years in place of New Year's resolutions, I have instead chosen a word for my year. The word is meant to encapsulate my intentions and my hopes for the coming months.

My word for 2012 was peaceful, a thought that now makes me want to laugh so hard that my sides ache. This last year was not peaceful. It began with a north-south cross-country move, a new living space, a new job, and new colleagues. It brought opportunities for growth: the loss of my oldest friend, an illness, an automobile collision, a frustratingly delayed building permit, and the failed execution of several leases for medical office space. Yes, 2012 was exciting and challenging, but peaceful it was not.

By June I had decided to change my word to fearless. I integrated into my new environment and made new friends. I conquered a childhood phobia and learned to swim. I traveled alone internationally for the first time. I climbed a mountain, I ran a marathon, and I started my own practice. Was I truly fearless? No, most of the time I was scared silly. But I was pretending to be fearless, and somehow that made all the difference.

My word for 2013 is sustainable. A little dull on first glance, perhaps (Maybe 2014 will be sparkling...), but it's an authentic assessment of my intentions for this year--a sustainable balance of caring for others and self care.

And you? What is your word for 2013?