Happy Local Find

I had no idea that Encinitas has an art supply store. I’ve been fitting in rejuvenating mini-trips to Michaels here and there in the past 8 months since moving here, but it wasn’t until I needed a sheet of large paper to use as a background sweep for product photography for the new online store, that someone told me about Rhino Arts . I made a pilgrimage a few Saturdays ago, and I’m in love.

It smells just right—like an art supply store should, that combination of wood and paint and paper. The people working there were friendly and helpful and patient with me. (“Um, yes, you can help me. I’m looking for a stiff-but-not-too-stiff largish piece of vaguely cream colored stock paper, to match the color of my website I’m showing you here on my mobile phone. Why yes, you can wrap it up for me so that it stays clean on the way out, thank you very  much.”)

Funny that I’ve run by there so many times and never even looked up to realize that Rhino Arts is on the hill on the northeast corner of Encinitas Boulevard and the 101. A lesson to me from the Universe, no doubt. Don’t keep your eyes down. Look up and find your inspiration.