Favorite New Mascara

Admittedly, I’m mighty picky about mascara and eyeliner. I like enough coverage to give my eyes some definition but not so much that I look like I’ve tried kohlThis rather than this. Although the latter has its own beauty and style, I need something a little less dramatic for day to day, yes?

My trouble with conventional mascaras is that by the end of the day there are always a small black globs in the inner corners of my eyes, where 12 hours of blinking and normal tear production have shifted down tiny particles to collect like so many leaves in a spring gutter. Waterproof mascaras avoid this problem, but removing them always seems to involve too much tugging and scrubbing at delicate skin around my eyes with oily concoctions labeled make-up remover.

A few weeks ago I came upon a sample of Blinc mascara, and in a few days I was sold. The company claims that instead of “painting” your lashes, it wraps tiny “tubes” around them. I don’t know about tubes, but when it comes off it certainly does resemble separate fibers rather than black smudges. The fibers don’t stick to my skin or eyeballs and won’t come off the lashes with water or with rubbing but only with the combination. They don’t require make-up remover or cleanser or even much rubbing, and if you’re a bit lax in getting your make-up completely off before bed, you won’t wake-up with raccoon circles of mascara. Circles from lack of sleep, now, well, I attempted to edit mine out of that photo above.

Disclaimer: I am not paid by Blinc mascara to endorse them, nor do I retail this product, although given how much I like it, maybe I should carry it.