B12: Support your healthy choices

I am pleased to announce that B12 injections are now available in my office. Vitamin B12 plays a key role in the functioning of the brain and nervous system, and in the formation of red blood cells. Without enough red blood cells to carry oxygen to the body, a person may feel tired and weak. Vitamin B12 injections given once monthly can support increased energy and a healthy lifestyle routine.

I'm going to freely admit here that Western medicine does not really support taking extra B12 if your blood levels don't show a deficiency on a lab test. There are really no potential side effects to extra B12, but I just don't have a solid textbook explanation as to why it might help if you are not technically deficient to start. However, I have seen many patients with chronic fatigue and/or depression benefit from monthly B12 injections. One theory is that suboptimal diet choices or medications we take (including birth control pills, stomach acid blockers, antibiotics, and some seizure medications) can deplete our bodies' stores of B12 leaving us with a number that's high enough to pass the lab test but not high enough for optimal health. Despite a lack of support in American medicine, I've found that B12 supplementation is an excellent addition to a holistic lifestyle.