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Another Natural Suggestion for Acne Prone Skin


Along my usual lines of diet-based cures for inflammatory and chronic diseases, I have a new favorite recommendation for my acne patients. Wheat germ oil contains naturally existing, food sourced vitamin E. In fact, it contains the highest vitamin E concentration of any food that has not been artificially fortified. Rather than just tocopherols, which are an isolated and usually synthetic fraction of the whole vitamin E matrix, this is a complete, natural form of vitamin E with all the components of the matrix existing in the proper, unaltered proportions.

What makes it so great for acne? In many cases, teenage age is a result of natural vitamin E insufficiency. The body must metabolize significant amounts of vitamin E for sex hormone production. If the diet is lacking needed amounts from food sources, the body will use its own natural stores of vitamin E, and this can manifest as poor skin function, often acne. Wheat germ oil can effectively address this by providing all necessary sex hormone precursors, with significant improvement to skin texture and function. I recommend it not only for my teenagers, but also for women with adult acne that might be caused by underlying hormonal imbalances.

I recommend organically grown, cold processed wheat germ oil from Standard Process, because I am sure of the quality and because it contains no gluten for my gluten-sensitive patients. I carry this in my office for a mere $8 for 60 pearls (385 mg) because it works and I want it to be accessible to all my patients! I recommend 770 mg, three times a day with meals.

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