Banish breakouts…
 And return to the real you.

Acne doesn’t have to be a constant battle for your skin and your self-esteem. At Gilchrist Aesthetic and Medical Dermatology, we see it as the body’s way of telling us that something on the inside needs attention. Before prescribing treatment, Dr. Gilchrist looks at several factors, including diet, lifestyle, skin type, age, types of lesions, severity, and co-existing conditions.

We offer the following services to help with acne:

  • Topical and oral medications
  • Thorough hormonal testing for adult women with acne
  • Acne surgery (medical extractions under steam)
  • Salicylic acid chemical peels
  • Individualized dietary recommendations
  • Blue light and red light Omnilux acne treatments

From mild to severe cases of acne, regardless of age—we’re here to help you regain your skin and your self-confidence.

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